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People Are Sharing All The Disturbing Details You Missed In ’Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ As A Kid

1964’s Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is an all-time Christmas classic that pretty much every child over the last 54 years has watched several times. Even if you have never watched the film, I am sure you atleast know the songs sang throughout the movie. The thing is, as you grow up and look at things a bit differently, you realize the film might just be a bit more messed up than you actually thought. Well, users on twitter last year and this year have quickly pointed out the darkness within the movie. Lets review a few below

1. Rudolph And The Reindeer Live In A Capitalist Hellscape

2. Seriously, What Was Wrong With The Doll?

3. There’s Yukon The Bearded Hipster

4. Yukon Is A Big Dumby

5. Don’t Get Me Started With Coach Comet

This reindeer is every terrible coach you’ve ever had rolled into deer form. Rudolph out-performs every other kid with his airborne twirls and all Coach can see is his red nose. Despicable.

6. Donner Tried Living Vicariously Through His Son

7. Fireball Had No Room To Talk

8. But Maybe None Of The Reindeer, Rudolph Included, Were Sleigh Team Material

9. Then There’s The Biggest A-Hole Of All: Santa

Santa is a merciless capitalist who only cares about strict uniformity in his frozen regime. He makes veiled threats to Donner and his wife when he finds out Rudolph has a nose defect. “I’m sure you’ll make this right.” He also shames Rudolph after Rudolph proves he can fly well but loses his fake nose in the process. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Donner. It was a good performance too.” Santa can kick rocks.

10. Santa Can Shove It

11. Santa Takes Huge Advantage Of Rudolph

12. The Movie Should Have Ended This Way

13. Did We Mention That Santa Sucks?

14. Also They Killed A Bird

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