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7 Reasons the Blunt Friend is the Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

It might not be an easy information to digest but truth be told your ”brash” friend is good for you. Wrapped in harsh sarcasm and blunt spurts, are truths that accurately reflect the reality of the situations in question. They may not be to your taste but the truth usually isn’t concerned with classy and can often times, its bearer – in the case your blunt friend, can be perceived as sassy. Here are points that reveal the true gems that come with having such people as friends.

1. You will rejoice in the fact that your back won’t take any stabs. (Aka betrayal)

We all have at some point in our lives, had a close friend betray us. You know, doing some unexpected harm or saying nasty things behind your back.

You know the feeling – the shock that first washes over you when you discover this. Followed by anger – the ”how could you have done this” phase.

And then the enveloping sadness cause by blaming yourself for being vulnerable – the ”you were such a fool for not seeing the signs” moment.

All cumulating to the fear of being open and trusting, hence you be hurt again.


That can really hurt. And depending on how frequent or how grievous these treacherous events are, the victims never remain the same. Often turning cold and withdraw, to become mere shadows of themselves.

This sad anecdote relayed to you is one story you won’t tell of your relationship with a blunt friend. He/she is like a doctor, they may give you bitter medicine but won’t serve you poison.

2. You will hear the truth at all cost

In your relationship with a blunt friend (although they would prefer you switch ”blunt” with ”honest”when describing them) truth stays at the tippy top – always. Even if it hurts.

It is important to remember that they do not do it with a malicious intent. They just value honesty over travesty.

If they feel a certain way about your actions or behavior, they will be quick to point it out to You And Not Someone Else.

Now, these truth bombs owe you no flavor.

But hey!

At least you get to trash out any issues between you and your buddy before they fester into one huge disastrous firework of a damaged relationship.

3. They are not sneaking and scheming

With so many friends who aren’t honest about their feelings or make you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, one thing to take off your list of worries is feeling that way around a blunt person. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

As was clearly stated above, your blunt friend is an honest person. Unlike what you get with many other people, your blunt buddy will rather have a conversation over some misbehavior or misunderstanding than secretly planning some petty revenge on you. Which is a beautiful thing as you don’t have to worry about the motives of a friend.

Someone said ”I will rather be a friendless loser than having a bunch of friends that secretly hate me.”

The above quote basically sums it up for anyone who hates to roll with fake friends. And believe you me, they cost more than you can afford.

You don’t need all that drama in your life.

4. They are good people with a conscience.

You know how your friend could blurt out some not so politically correct stuff in a group conversation and they seem not to get why everyone is suddenly uneasy and silent? What comes to mind of stranger present would likely be ”Oh! What an asshole!”

This is the bane of the blunt buddy’s existence. Everyone thinks they are this rude and crude person. Who says whatever they feel like with reckless abandon.

But that is also a big misconception – usually gotten from inadequate first impressions. Blunt people are not malicious, they just call out BS for what it is.

And this is probably due to the fact that they see morality in black and white. To them, it is all binary. A lot of things are either good or bad.

This will serve your relationship as well. With your interactions being as BS free as possible, both of you will share genuine growth experiences together.

5. They give you a hearty laugh.

Although they usually are unintentional when their satirical jokes get you rolling all over the floor with your ribs convulsing in uncontrollable laughter, blunt people are some unique comedians.

Watching them poke BS so that you sniff the stink for what it is, can be one of the funniest experiences you will have with them. There will never be a dull moment with them. And you will often find their companionship refreshing.

A good dose of laughter – here and there, in your relationship, can be the medicine that helps your bond to each other grow.

6. They compliment you

You can’t be by such a person and not improve. You remember the saying that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with.

They stump your misbehavior and stifle your excuses for not improving. They build your character as one who stands on he or she believes and makes you bold and courageous by making you stick to your word.

7. The genuinely love you

You want to know another cherished characteristics of blunt friends? They are loyal diehards. Do they support you on a decision or move? Then you could sleep well at night knowing that they will ride with you to the end. This is because they are honest true and true. If they believe in something they don’t struggle to find the courage and boldness to stand by their beliefs.

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